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Many of us tend to take our health for granted until and unless we face any severe health issue. But, ignoring your nutrition status can lead to gradually feeling not well, deterioration in one’s health and illness. One must from time to time seek out and check in with a Nutritionist. The reasons being:

1) I feel good but I want to be sure that my eating habits provide all nutrients, vitamins and minerals my body needs.

2) Optimize my children’s health and growth, from conception to adulthood.

3) Address some uncomfortable symptoms, like digestive and intestinal problems, bad quality of sleep, fatigue, weight gain at menopause, loss or increase of appetite.

4) Helps to prevent some chronic diseases (prediabetes, fatty liver, high cholesterol, hypertension, being overweight, cancer).

5) Leads to cutting down potential medical costs in the long term.

Therefore, it is time to take correct actions before it is too late. Be proactive!

Author: Cécile Le Minh, Nutritionist

Post Author: dynamics admin