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Is fear a psychological disorder?

Everybody has issues and fears. Fears can be defined as an emotion experienced in anticipation of a particular ache or a preference of flee or flight. The common trigger for worry can be feeling threatened by means of a scenario, thought or an act. It can be an emotional concept or feeling, a physical notion( when the person is threatened directly with the aid of a scenario), or fear of another individual or group of individuals, or it could be mental where the individual is afraid of imagined results of an event that has passed before.

Individuals with intense fears related to unique objects, human beings, or conditions, may additionally avoid going through such situations. They can perhaps no longer leave their house, or meet certain people, to save themselves from getting worried and embarrassed because of their fears.

Consistent and excessive fears of specific objects, situations and people can turn into phobias like specific phobias, social phobias, and agoraphobia.

Specific phobias are irrational and intense fears of a certain type of animal, birds, objects and also being in an enclosed space.Social Phobias are intense, incapacitating fear and embarrassment in interacting/dealing with other individuals.Agoraphobia is a fear of entering unfamiliar or new situations/events. People with agoraphobia are afraid of leaving their home.

Author: Pankhuri Pilania – Counselling Psychologist

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