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Why do we sleep based on psychology?

According to psychologists, we need to rest and sleep since it is fundamental in keeping up a degree of intellectual ability including memory, cognition, inventive and adaptable reasoning. As such, sleep assumes a critical part in mental health. Absence of sleep affects our mind’s capacity to work. On the off chance that you have pulled an all nighter, you’ll understand that it can be accompanied by: grouchiness, tiredness, fractiousness and carelessness. After only one night without sleep, our capacity to focus deteriorates extensively. Various studies across the world show that sleepless people frequently experience issues in reacting to quickly changing circumstances and making normal life decisions.

Lack of sleep not only significantly affects psychological well-being, but additionally affects one’s enthusiasm, physical and actual wellbeing. Problems such as insomnia, depression, extreme daytime sluggishness, pressure, stress and hypertension are all impacts of sleep deprivation. Studies have likewise proposed that sleep deprivation may subsequently also cause weight gain, since hormones and chemicals that are a critical part of controlling hunger and managing a healthy weight, are usually released when an individual sleeps.

Phase 1: During the principal phase of sleep, we’re half alert and half sleeping. Our muscle movement eases back down and slight jerking may happen
Phase 2: The heart rate and breathing slows down. This period represents the biggest portion of human sleep.
Phase 3: Breathing and pulse are at their most minimal levels. Certain waves are formed that are enormous and moderate i.e. high is amplitude and has lower frequency
Phase 4: Described by cadenced breathing and restricted muscle action. On the off chance that we are moved during sleep, we don’t change quickly and don’t feel sleepy and muddled for a few minutes at the point of awakening.

Author: Pankhuri Pilania – Counselling Psychologist

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