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At Dynamics Therapy Group, we believe that family and community play a crucial role in every child’s growth and development. As a multidisciplinary therapy center in Singapore, we draw inspiration from the Hawaiian term “Ohana” and the Samoan term “Aiga,” both of which emphasize the importance of close-knit relationships, mutual support, and love within a community. In this blog post, we will explain the meaning of these terms and how our approach to therapy is inspired by them, providing our clients with a unique and comprehensive support system.

Ohana and Aiga – The Foundation of Our Philosophy: “Ohana” and “Aiga” are terms from the Hawaiian and Samoan cultures, respectively, that mean “family.” These concepts include not just blood relatives but also close friends and neighbors who are considered part of the family unit. In these cultures, the family and community play a central role in the social structure, fostering a sense of belonging, responsibility, and support.

At Dynamics Therapy Center, we have embraced the essence of Ohana and Aiga, applying these principles to the services we provide to our clients. We understand that every child’s needs are unique, and that a strong support network is crucial for their growth and development. That’s why we have created an environment where our therapists work closely with families, building lasting relationships and ensuring everyone feels included, supported, and empowered throughout the therapeutic process.

A Multidisciplinary Approach: One of the ways we embody the Ohana and Aiga spirit is by offering a wide range of therapy services under one roof. Our team includes specialists in occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, psychology, and educational therapy, all working together to provide comprehensive, coordinated care for each child. By having all these experts in one location, we can ensure that the team of therapists working with a child is closely aligned, allowing them to collaborate and share insights, ultimately leading to a more effective and holistic treatment plan.

Close-Knit Relationships and Support: At Dynamics Therapy Center, we believe in fostering close-knit relationships with our clients and their families. We recognize the importance of involving parents, caregivers, and other significant individuals in the therapeutic process, ensuring that everyone plays an active role in the child’s journey to success. Our therapists work closely with families to develop tailored therapy plans, provide guidance and resources, and create an environment where the child feels supported, understood, and valued.

In Conclusion: Dynamics Therapy Center is proud to incorporate the Ohana and Aiga spirit in our approach to therapy. By providing a multidisciplinary and family-centered environment, we strive to create an inclusive, supportive community that empowers every child to reach their full potential. Our dedicated team of therapists is committed to working closely with families, providing the highest quality care, and ensuring that no one is left behind or forgotten on their journey to success. Visit us at Dynamics Therapy Center and experience the Ohana and Aiga difference today!

Post Author: Ori Sasson